Statistically based process risk assessment?

We recently read a particularly interesting publication by Dr Mathias Wittinghofer on Linkedin* on the introduction of statistical analysis for litigation risk assessment using the example of data on the effectiveness of appeals from District Courts (Landgerichte) to the Courts of Appeal (Oberlandesgerichte) in Germany. According to the publication, after collecting and compiling statistics, the … Read more

Christmas and New Year’s wishes

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, on the occasion of the forthcoming Christmas holidays, we would like to extend our warmest wishes and thank you for your cooperation and trust. At the same time, we wish you a happy new year, filled with energy to act and achieve the goals you have set for yourself, both privately … Read more

Polish Holding Company – favourable changes for investors from January 2023.

1. Polish Holding Company – what is it? The Polish Holding Company (hereinafter abbreviated in Polish “PSH”) is a solution introduced into the Polish legal order on 1 January 2022, providing an alternative form to tax capital groups, which until now have not enjoyed much interest. The legislator’s aim was to create more favourable conditions … Read more

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