European private law

Our law firm offers assistance in the field of European private law to Polish and foreign entities. Knowledge of European private law is particularly important today, as many cases have an international element. Thanks to our experience in handling cross-border cases, we are able to offer our clients a comprehensive service, regardless of the situation … Read more

Legal services for companies

We offer corporate services to our clients, supporting them in all areas related to the functioning of enterprises, from the moment of an investment idea through to the liquidation of the company. In this respect, we offer in particular creation of new legal entities (partnerships, capital companies, as well as foundations and associations, and creation … Read more

Real Estate

Services for investment projects, from the stage of checking the legal status of a real estate, through negotiations for its acquisition, the process of obtaining building permits and commercialization of space to future tenants and buyers, negotiations with banks and loan agreements, refinancing, handling the sale of the project. In addition, we have experience in … Read more

Polish investments abroad

We have an extensive network of close contacts with law firms in many parts of the world, which enables us to assist in establishing contacts and managing legal services for ventures and disputes relating to foreign transactions and investments. public procurement law Corporate services Preparation and negotiation of commercial contracts; European private law.

Foreign investments in Poland

Legal services for foreign entities investing in Poland – advice on choosing the appropriate legal form of activity in Poland, providing corporate services, conclusion of contracts with employees, commercial contracts (including transaction prices in intra-group transactions), advice on Polish law, taking into account cultural and legal differences. We work for, among others: an international consortium … Read more

Legal services for contractors and construction investments

Our law firm specialises in construction law, legal services for construction investment processes, in particular obtaining administrative decisions and supervising the execution of construction work contracts. In this respect, we offer in particular comprehensive legal services for infrastructure and construction projects, both in terms of: administrative law Construction law Public procurement law civil law (also … Read more

Contracts in business transactions

Autostrada A1 z drona

Our law firm offers services in the field of comprehensive drafting of contracts in business transactions. We draft contracts, negotiate their content, and advise on cooperation models that take into account the specificity and character of various industries and areas of activity of our clients. Moreover, above all, we have experience in areas related to … Read more

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